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Constructive Conflict

By: FinWise Bank

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Our values are the foundation of our business and permeate every action we take. One of our values is Constructive Conflict.

Often when you think of conflict you may feel uncomfortable. When conflict is handled in a constructive and not a destructive manner it can be beneficial. FinWise Bank President, Kent Landvatter said, “Conflict is the genesis of all great ideas.”

Without conflict, there is no growth. When we have healthy discussions where constructive conflict can thrive, we get the best solutions.

What is Conflict?

Suzanne Musgrow, SVP – Chief Risk Officer at FinWise Bank said, “Constructive Conflict happens when you are not looking to declare a winner but making sure both parties walk away satisfied working towards a solution to a problem. Constructive Conflict presents a win/win solution to a problem.”

When clarity and accountability are present in discussions, constructive conflict can be used to create beneficial products and processes for our customers.

How We Use Constructive Conflict With Our Customers

At FinWise we want to make sure our customers and employees feel valued and heard. We bring new ideas to the table to solve common problems for customers on a regular basis. New ideas can take a lot of work before they are safely implemented and available to our customers.

Our customers input is important to us. We read and attend to each of our customer reviews, phone calls, complaints, and constructive feedback and try to make FinWise Bank a better place based on that feedback.

 We know dealing with money can be a sensitive and stressful topic, but we do what we can to make those stressful dealings more pleasant.

Staying Away from Destructive Conflict

Suzanne said, “Destructive Conflict thrives when objectives are unclear, and a problem is made personal. At FinWise we strive to set clear objectives and confront problems, not people.”

When assisting our customers, we try to find solutions that will be beneficial to us and to our customers. When our customers are happy, the bank is happy.


We hope that our efforts to solve conflict in a healthy constructive way will be echoed by the community. Next time you are dealing with a conflict, we encourage you to ask yourself, “How can I make this conflict constructive and not destructive?” and “Am I attacking a problem or a person?” Watch for solutions that feel like a “win/win” that you could not have came to alone.

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