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FinWise Bank: Your Trust Matters to Us

FinWise Executive Team celebrating FinWise Bank’s 20th Anniversary – August 2020

At FinWise Bank, our values define who we are.

Trust is FinWise Bank’s Foundational Value, it permeates everything we do. Trust is grounded in integrity and it is the most important aspect to our future success.

Over the last 20 years – FinWise Bank has created strong relationships with our branch customers. Customers enjoy visiting their favorite tellers and bankers. Many of our customers have been with us since the very beginning. Our customers gravitate towards our strong community bank feel and continue to put their trust in the FinWise team.

Overtime we have added products, services and people our customers continue to put their trust in.

FinWise Bank employees meet regularly to discuss how to improve and be the bank our customers will continue to trust.

What is trust?

As defined by FinWise Employees – Trust is knowing you can depend on us. It is delivering quality products and services. It is being honest, fair, and attentive to our customers.

Why is trust important to us?

Trust starts with respect and listening to our customers. When we know our customers and treat them with respect, we trust that they will come back and continue to do business with us for years to come.

At FinWise Bank, we don’t handle your calls with those pesky operating machines. You know the ones – where you must press an extensive number of buttons to *hopefully* get to a representative. When you call you will get a real live customer service representative that knows your account and cares about helping you.

As we watch customers walk into our branch, we see friendly faces excited to not only make a withdrawal or deposit – but also to tell their trusted teller about their day.

Creating trust with our customers assures that customers not only have a place to put their money, but that they are taken care of, appreciated, and cared for.

Where Trust has gotten us

20 years ago, we opened our  branch in Sandy, UT. Many of our customers knew our tellers and were drawn in by their personable service.

Since then we have been able to pay attention to the needs of customers of various financial situations.

We have added new products by being attentive to the needs of our community and listening to our employee’s ideas on how to better attend to community and individual customer needs.

This has helped us not only maintain the loyalty and trust of existing customers but has created a trusting culture for employees within the bank.


Why Trust is the most important aspect in our future success

As FinWise expands – we won’t forget where we started. We will continue to cherish personal relationships we have developed and will continue to develop throughout the years. Our customers are what got us here.

We will continue to be attentive to customer concerns, needs, and will continue to develop solutions.

Our community heart stands strong. Quality services for our customers will continue to develop as we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

We will continue to develop a culture of trust with our customers and with our employees.

We look forward to seeing what we can achieve as we continue to focus on trust. 

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